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Royals Fan Loses SSD Benefits After GoFundMe Campaign

Royals Fan Loses SSD Benefits After GoFundMe Campaign

Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 13-Dec-2016

Millions of Americans with disabling injuries and medical conditions rely on Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits as their only source of income to help cover the cost of basic necessities. While these benefits may be invaluable, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is extremely strict when it comes to SSD beneficiaries receiving gifts of any kind which could be perceived as income, causing many recipients to lose their much-needed benefits seemingly without warning. This is exactly what happened for Joyce Jeter, a disabled woman who wanted nothing more than to see her beloved Kansas City Royals play.

Joyce, who suffers from an incurable and debilitating disease called neurofibromatosis, recently lost her SSD benefits after some goodhearted Royals fans created a GoFundMe campaign to send her to a game at Kaufman Stadium – something that her disease had forever prevented her from being able to do. Though she finally got to see her boys in blue, she is now paying the price for the good deed of others.

After attending the game, she received letters from Social Security informing her that she should have notified the SSA of the “income” received through the campaign, and that all $3,700 of the donated funds would be taken out of her checks.

“It’s like taking food out of my mouth,” Joyce said in an interview by AOL news. “I can’t afford to lose that $176 a month.”

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Unfortunately, this story is just one of the many ways in which individuals may lose their SSD benefits by receiving gifts. If you have had your SSD benefits compromised in such a manner, contact the Reno Social Security Disability attorneys at Disability Action Advocates today. Having been fighting on behalf of disabled Americans for more than 20 years, our team of attorneys can provide the powerful advocacy you need to guard your rights and pursue every penny’s worth of your entitled compensation.

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