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Appeals and Hearings

Reno Social Security Hearings Attorney

Social Security Hearing for Denial of Benefits

The Social Security Administration has been known to deny a substantial number of disability claims and SSI benefits claims for a wide variety of reasons. The main reasons for denial include insufficient documentation, failure to work within the required time frame, the determination that you no longer meet the requirements of eligibility for benefits and more. In the event that your claim is denied for any reason at all, you have the right to appeal the SSA's decision by requesting a hearing. Although this process is possible without the assistance of a seasoned Reno Social Security hearings lawyer, the support of an experienced representative is strongly encouraged for the greatest chance at success.

The first step to filing for an appeal is a reconsideration, which essentially means another previously unassociated party will make a new decision on your case. If this fails, then a hearing by an administrative law judge may be requested within 60 days of your notification of the decision. A lawyer can represent you in your hearing, and will provide you with the best opportunity for a favorable result. If there is additional evidence that may help your case, it may be used in your case if it is submitted in a timely fashion. Hearings can be very involved and may be time-consuming, but the reward of a reversed decision can far outweigh the negative effects of these inconveniences.

Social Security Hearings Lawyers in Reno

At Disability Action Advocates, we understand how critical your social security disability benefits or your supplemental security income payments can be. Our office has worked to support clients in their hearings and throughout the appeals process for 20 years. We have achieved an impressive measure of success by focusing on adherence to the rules, an extensive understanding of the requirements and tireless dedication to each and every client. We can build a strong case in defense of your need for benefits, and our representation skills may be able to compel the judge to rule in your favor. We do not receive any payment until you have won your case, and we have found success in thousands of cases over our many years of proud service. Contact a Reno social security hearing attorney if you wish to appeal any decision made by the Social Security Administration regarding an application for benefits.