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Application Process

Applying for Social Security Disability

Looking at the Process: What You Should Know

In order to receive Social Security Disability benefits for an injury or health condition, you must first complete the application process. While the majority of the application can now be done online, it can still be a very difficult and complex process for individuals to figure out. If you are not familiar with the process or the online application, it can be very frustrating to navigate alone.

The best way to approach your Social Security Disability is by enlisting the services of a skilled Reno attorney who understands the process as well as how to get the best result.

Why Hiring a Reno SSDI Lawyer is Crucial

At Disability Action Advocates, we truly love working with our clients. Our main priority is to ensure that they get the outcome they need to support themselves and their loved ones. We work closely with our clients so that they feel comfortable throughout the process and confident about any progress along the way.

When you come to our firm for counsel, you get:

  • Counsel backed by 20+ years of experience
  • Contingency fee services (you don't pay until and unless we win)
  • Supportive and compassionate legal guidance
  • A complimentary consultation

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What information will I need for the application?

Before applying for benefits, it is important that you make sure you fit the requirements to qualify. By meeting with a seasoned legal professional, you can determine whether or not filing an application would be in your best interests.

It is also important to have all pertinent documentation, such as:

  • Your Social Security card
  • Income paperwork
  • Proof of citizenship or status
  • Information on your physical condition
  • Your earnings up to the disability

You may also be required to request a job history summary, which goes in-depth into your medical information, employment status and more. Finally, an Authorize to Disclose form will be used to effectively release all medical records and other information regarding your education and work. While all other steps may be completed online by you or a qualified attorney, this form must be brought to a local Social Security office.

Navigating the Actual Application Process

There are several main steps you will need to complete in order to have a successful application. First, you will want to collect all relevant information regarding your injury, medical history, employment, etc. next, you should contact the Social Security office, whether by phone or in person to request an interview. Once you have an interview set up and attend it, you can complete your application.

Once you have submitted it, the Disability Determination Services will evaluation your application and determine whether you should receive benefits or not for your disability.

Reach Out for Counsel Now

Disability Action Advocates has proudly served the Reno area for two decades by helping to make sure that disabled individuals receive the most possible benefits for their injuries. We can help you complete the necessary paperwork and can keep you abreast of your claim status. We have won thousands of cases in our many years of accomplished service and would be honored to put this experience to work for your SSDI case.

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