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Checking the Status of Your Claim

Checking the Status of Your SSD Claim

"My claim is taking forever..."

There are specific steps in the Social Security Disability process. When you are unable to work, and your financial obligations are causing you worry, the process can seem unbearably long. Understanding the process can help. When you submit your application it will be processed and evaluated at the local office. Medical records are gathered here and any other necessary documentation related to your claim. It will arrive at the Social Security Administration (SSA) after approximately a month.

When you are able to check on the status of your claim it can help to relieve some of the worry and anxiety. A Reno Social Security disability lawyer from our office does routine follow-up on claims for our clients and keeps them updated on the status of their claim. After the initial 30 days processing time, there are two basic ways to check on the status of your claim:

  • The Social Security Administration website will enable you to find out where your claim is in the process.
  • You can call the SSA and speak with a representative who can provide you with detailed information about the status of your claim.

Contact a Reno Social Security Disability Lawyer

It is recommended by our office that you do follow up around 30 days after submitting your claim. Sometimes more information or clarification of information will be needed. When you contact them, they will be able to inform you of any additional information needed. Rather than waiting to be notified this is the best way to save time. When clients use the services of Disability Action Advocates, our office follows up regularly on claims submitted and we work rapidly and efficiently to provide necessary information.. Our thorough review of your file and documentation often prevents possible future delays because as we ensure that all required information is provided from the outset.