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Denied SSD Benefits

SSD Benefit Denials

Have you been denied SSD benefits?

With millions of Americans filing social security disability claims every year, it's common knowledge that denial rates are exceptionally high. SSD Benefits can be denied by the Social Security Administration for any number of reasons, including insufficient documentation, lack of eligibility and sometimes no reason at all. In other cases, individuals who are currently receiving SSD benefits may come to find that their payments have been minimized or denied upon reconsideration. This can cause serious problems for individuals and families alike who are unable to work to make a living, and thus rely on these government benefits to maintain a decent life.

SSD benefit denials are a very serious matter, and can have a substantial negative impact on one's livelihood. In the event that your request for reconsideration fails in your appeal, a hearing may then be requested where additional evidence can be brought to the attention of the administrative law judge so that a more well-informed decision can be made. A Reno Social Security disability attorney can represent you through appeals and hearings and can prove to be a decisive advantage in the successful retention of the benefits you have come to rely on.

Effective Help for SSD Benefit Denials in Reno

Here at Disability Action Advocates, we have 20 years of varied experience in the realm of social security disability. Our offices focus on providing the best results to our clients by working closely with them to build the most effective and compelling cases possible. We do not receive any payment until your case is won, and we have won thousands of cases for disabled individuals throughout the Reno area. If your SSD benefits have been denied, don't risk losing everything by facing the SSA alone. We are here to fight for your right to receive the social security disability benefits you deserve, and we will do everything in our power to see that your case is a success.