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Denial Rates

Denial Rates for Social Security Disability Claims

Why are social security disability claim denial rates so high?

Although social security disability benefits are a very helpful means for disabled individuals to receive the financial support they need in the event that they can no longer work to support themselves, the social security administration regularly denies a substantial number of first-attempt claims. Even in the event that your case is solid, your application may be denied for any number of reasons, possibly including a standard denial in order to reduce the overall number of claimants in the system. Appealing the claim is a definite possibility and although many more are still denied, this is the best chance at receiving the benefits you deserve.

In Nevada, denial rates for social security disability claims are comparable to most other states in the nation. A denial can be detrimental to an uncertain applicant, but those who have enlisted the support of a committed Reno social security disability lawyer know that this is only the first step in what may turn out to be a lengthy process. Denial rates can act as a deterrent for many, and the failure to appeal the decision can result in untold consequences and financial impacts on individuals and families alike that are no longer able to work.

Decreasing the Likelihood of a Social Security Disability Claim Denial

The best way to decrease your chances of a social security disability benefits denial is to hire a qualified professional who has been through the process and know how to get the most out of it. Disability Action Advocates has worked for 20 years to make the application process easier for clients throughout the greater-Reno area. We are able to do this most effectively by handling your case from start to finish. We don't get paid until your case is won, which is just one reason why we will work tirelessly to see to your success in the pursuit of your claim. Contact a Reno social security disability attorney if you need to file a disability claim and want the best chance at a first-time approval.