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Disability Hearing

Social Security Disability Hearings

How Disability Hearings Work

Disability hearings are the second step involved when one is looking to appeal the decision of the Social Security Administration in an SSD benefits claim. When a request for reconsideration has failed, applicants have 60 days to request an official hearing. Disability claim waiting times can be very long depending on a variety of circumstances, and individuals are strongly encouraged to cooperate with any and all requests made by the SSA during this time.

Enlisting the support of a highly-skilled attorney can give you a definite advantage in expediting your hearing and achieving a successful result once there.

Social security disability hearings take place before an administrative law judge who will review a multitude of documents related to the applicants work history, medical history, financial records and more. Hearings can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating for those who heavily rely upon critical benefits that are going unpaid, and the processing time involved depends on how complicated a claim is. Denial rates for SSD benefits are very high and processing times can seem unbearable, but when the right strategy is employed and your benefits are granted, the result can be very favorable.

Finding an Experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer

In the event that your request for a hearing is granted during the appeals process, do not waste this special opportunity to claim the benefits you are entitled to. At DAA, we focus on building compelling cases for disability compensation based on strict medical and employment documentation as well as other crucial information that can identify a clear need for benefits in a disabled applicant. We have 20 years of hard-fought experience representing clients in disability hearings of every variety, and we are proud to have won thousands of cases for those who need it the most.