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Expediting Your Hearing

Expediting Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Steps to Expedite Your Disability Hearing

While it may be true that there is no official method of expediting your social security disability benefits claim through the application process, there are some things that can be done to make the process as smooth as possible, thereby making it easier in terms of processing, reconsideration and more. In the event that you must request a formal hearing to decide on your claim, you may find yourself waiting month after month for a hearing that you feel will never arrive. In the meantime, the SSA may actually be working to discredit or deny your claim.

Ultimately, the very best thing an applicant can do in the face of time-consuming social security disability hearings is to cooperate fully with those who have been tasked with working on your case. Provide any and all supporting materials upon request or as soon as possible, and make your case one that is not being cast aside for others to work on. In the event that you are in dire need of expedience due to severe financial distress or another reason, a formal request for expedience may be made to the appropriate parties. While the SSA is not required to consider this type of request, there has been some success in speeding along the process once the SSA is made aware of special difficult situations that may exist.

Help with Social Security Disability Claims in Reno

Disability Action Advocates has focused on assisting clients in the realm of social security disability benefits for the past 20 years. Throughout the body of our work, we have won thousands of cases for individuals who seek benefits for financial assistance in light or crippling disabilities. We can make sure every single page of paperwork is completed and correct, and will also provide any and all organized documentation to make the processing of your application as easy as possible.