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Grid Eligibility

Receiving Benefits Through Grid Eligibility

Using the Grid to Determine Disability for Adults over 50

The Social Security Administration essentially defines disability as the inability to work successfully in any meaningful capacity due to a disability for at least 12 months. Many individuals who file for social security disability benefits may find their claims rejected because the powers-that-be have determined that there is insufficient evidence to indicate that the individual cannot complete other job tasks, even if unassociated with previous employment. Where some applicants may be left with no recourse after the conclusion of a hearing, others may find helpful answers in the Medical-Vocational guidelines to qualify for eligibility under special terms.

Also known as the Grid, the Medical-Vocational guidelines can provide a second chance for individuals over the age of 50 who have based their life's work around physical labor. Due to the fact that these hard labor skills acquired throughout life are useless when placed in a minimal-exertion position in an office, the Social Security Administration may find that you do in fact fit their necessary definition of disability. The Grid can be a benefit to others as well, although this can best be determined by working closely with an established attorney who is very familiar with the categories and conditions outlined in the Grid.

Grid Eligibility Support and Assistance

The knowledgeable staff at Disability Action Advocates has a wealth of experience in consulting for and handling claims that have involved use of the Grid. Our office can handle your social security disability claim from start to finish, or we can take over the pursuit of those well-deserved benefits in the event of a denial. We understand how difficult it can be to start an entirely new line of employment in the event that you are not considered disabled, and the highly skilled advocates at DAA will do everything in our power to see to your success and the activation of your benefits.