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Medicaid: Affordable Medical Insurance

How Medicaid Helps People in Need

Medicaid is a health insurance that is run by the federal government in conjunction with the states to provide coverage for low-income people and those who are in desperate need of the assistance. Those who may be eligible to receive Medicaid include children, the elderly, blind and other disabled individuals who may also be receiving supplemental security income benefits due to their low-income status.

In Nevada, eligibility for Medicaid and SSI benefits is the same, although an individual application must be completed for each. A qualified lawyer is in the best position to assist you with your Medicaid needs, and should be consulted in virtually any circumstance.

Qualifying for Medicaid may sound simple or confusing depending on your outlook, but there are some key elements to eligibility that should be considered. Recipients who qualify must be disabled, low-income individuals who have been eligible for SSI benefits for at least one month. There are other stipulations that may apply, although the specifics should be discussed with a qualified professional who can help. Medicaid can be an excellent resource for those who need it, but it does require a certain level of attention and awareness. This can be difficult for many, which is why a legal professional is so often called in to assist with this process.

Reno Social Security Disability Lawyer: Applying for Health Care

Disability Action Advocates has worked for 20 years to provide Reno residents with the Medicaid coverage they need so that they can continue to live a fruitful life in spite of their disabilities. Our offices have a keen awareness of the troubles that individuals face without proper medical coverage, and the powerlessness that can be experienced without the means to acquire it. Our qualified and dedicated staff is focused on our primary goal of helping clients to qualify and apply for Medicaid so that they don't have to worry about whether their healthcare will be addressed or left by the wayside.