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Should I Hire an Attorney

Should I Hire an Attorney for my SSD Claim?

Disability Action Advocates: Skilled Advocates for You

Professional legal representation is not required when applying for SSD benefits. A dedicated lawyer can, however, provide valuable assistance in the efficient and rapid completion of the process. It can also greatly improve your chances of a successful outcome with the initial application. Denial rates are significantly reduced when experienced professionals from DAA are on your side from the beginning.

How a Social Security Disability Lawyer Can Help

Here are six ways that we can help you obtain your Social Security disability benefits:

  • We will file all necessary forms and documentation for your initial application, reconsideration and hearing
  • We will review all your medical records for completeness and gather all medical information needed to speed your application through the system
  • We will thoroughly review your social security file for any weaknesses and provide necessary information to strengthen your case
  • We will help you at each step of the application process and answer all of your questions so you are informed, know what to expect and will be prepared
  • We will remind you of all your medical appointments with social security doctors
  • Our trusted attorney will represent you at any appeals and hearings with an administrative law judge; the hearing is held after you have been denied SSD benefits and is your greatest opportunity to be awarded benefits in the entire process
  • We will appeal the claim if necessary

You should know that we charge no fee unless your case is won. You may apply without the help of an attorney and use our services on appeal. We recommend that you meet with us first, at no charge, so we can provide you valuable advice from the outset of your case.