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Social Security Administration

About the Social Security Administration

What is the purpose of the Social Security Administration?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) as we know it today was established as part of the President's Reorganization Plan of 1946 and was tasked with tremendous responsibility. In short, the SSA provides benefits for individuals who have suffered a disability that restricts them from keeping gainful employment, as well as providing death benefits and retirement social security to millions across the nation. The agency has seen a great influx of social security disability applicants in recent years and this steady supply of new applications, reconsiderations and requests for hearings can result in very long processing times that last many months.

Due to the fact that the SSA is so inundated with disability benefits claims, benefits denial rates are quite high both for first and second-time applicants. The agency can afford to be strict, even unreasonable at times, in their determinations of specific claims because of the sheer number of cases lying in wait. Dealing with the SSA can be tedious, tiring and very time-consuming, which is why an educated attorney may be your best option in handling your affairs with the social security administration without losing your head.

Strong Support for SSA-Related Matters

Disability Action Advocates truly has a passion for helping individuals to receive the social security disability benefits they deserve. We have won thousands of cases for clients throughout the Reno around through our 20 years of hard-earned experience. Our staff does not get paid until your case is won and your benefits are paid, which means we will dedicate as much time as necessary to build the absolute best case for whatever your circumstance entails. Engaging with the SSA in any issue is difficult at best without the support of a skilled professional, which is why DAA may be your best chance at achieving the result you really want.