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Social Security Disability Benefits

Understanding Social Security Disability Benefits

Requirements to Receive Benefits

Social security disability benefits are available to any United States citizen who suffers from a serious, long-term disability. In order to qualify for these special benefits, a disabled individual must display an inability to perform work functions that were once considered to be routine. Additionally, the individual must demonstrate the inability to adapt to another work position due to their disability. Finally, the disability must be expected to last a minimum of 12 months, or be a condition that will conclude with death.

Determining the level of social security disability benefits to be paid out is first dependent on eligibility and then on the average lifetime earnings of the disabled person as covered by social security. Benefits may be paid out to you or your family in the event of your death, and will vary according to the beneficiaries' age or relationship to you.

Social security disability benefits are critical for many individuals and families who need all the help they can get in the face of an unforeseen, prolonged injury, especially when the victim is responsible for supporting the family financially.

Disability Action Advocates – Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

Qualifying for social security disability benefits requires strict adherence to the rules and regulations set forth by the Social Security Administration. The social security disability process itself can be complicated, and the failure to closely follow the guidelines can result in long delays or even denied SSD benefits.

A practiced lawyer with Disability Action Advocates will provide you with the guidance you need to get the benefits you deserve. From start to finish, our dedicated staff can make sure your paperwork is completed and filed properly and that you receive the quality support and representation that can protect you in the event of a denied claim.