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Benefits Without Health Insurance

SSD Benefits without Health Insurance

Can you claim SSD benefits with no health insurance?

Medical records are one of the most important factors in the approval of SSD benefits . Without them, it can be quite challenging to get claims approved. If there is no medical record of doctor visits or medication, then the conclusion of the SSA will probably be that you do not need disability benefits. Unfortunately, when you are unable to work and unsuccessful in obtaining SSD benefits, it can be nearly impossible to pay for the medical treatments or medications you may need.

Medical records help to document the physical nature of your disabilities and their influence on your ability to work. They help those evaluating your case to come to the conclusion that you are in need of SSD benefits. Denial rates are highest when no health insurance has led to a lack of medical records documenting your disability.

There are some ways around this, and a Reno Social Security disability attorney at our firm can provide relevant and insightful assistance. First, you should take the important step of documenting the pain and the challenges you are facing daily as a result of your particular disability. Your daily journal should also include any efforts that you have made to seek medical assistance including letters, business cards, phone records and anything else that document your efforts and your troubles.

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Doctors will often continue to treat patients when they know that you are applying for benefits or Medicaid. If there are free clinics in your area, we recommend that you go there for treatment. As a last resort you can also visit emergency clinics. The List of Impairments from the Compassionate Allowance Program has 113 conditions that allow expedited approval for benefits. We can review this list with you to see if you may qualify under this program.

The application process can often be frustrating and extremely disappointing. Our focus is to put our vast expertise to work for you and help you in whatever way we can to obtain your benefits. We charge no fee unless we actually win your case for you. If you do not have health insurance, contact a Reno Social Security disability lawyer at our office to see how we can be of assistance.