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SSI Benefits

Reno SSI Benefits Lawyer

Are you eligible to receive SSI benefits?

SSI is an acronym for supplemental security income, a unique federal income supplement program that is geared toward helping under-advantaged, aged, and disabled individuals with low income and resources to meet basic their needs in terms of food, clothing and shelter. SSI benefits play an instrumental role in the support of many disabled individuals who may be living in or close to poverty levels in Nevada and throughout the entire nation. This program can supply life-sustaining resources to those in need, and a reputable Reno SSI benefits attorney can support you throughout the process.

Applying for SSI benefits can be complicated, especially for those who are not familiar with the application process. There are a number of documents that may be required, such as a social security card, proof of age, proof of citizenship or alien status, proof of income and many others, depending on the specifics of your claim. It is a good idea to apply for your SSI benefits as soon as possible or you may risk losing valuable benefits where the time period has already passed. The Social Security Administration can be very cooperative if the application process is followed correctly and in a timely fashion.

Qualified SSI Benefits Attorneys in Reno

Disability Action Advocates is an organization that is owned and operated by AV-rated Attorney John Boyden in conjunction with a resourceful and passionate professional staff. We focus on obtaining the best possible result in every claim. Our team is experienced in social security claims as well as in SSI and SSDI matters, and we do not charge any fee until your case is won. Our office can handle your case from the very start, assisting with initial paperwork and working closely with clients to assure that the highest possible level of understanding of your claim is achieved.