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Social Security Disability: Arrest Warrants

Have your disability benefits been denied?

Plainly put, the Social Security Administration may not pay social security disability benefits to individuals who have had an outstanding arrest warrant for more than 30 days continuously. There are some slight exceptions to this rule, however, and it is important to be aware of the rules and regulations related to your benefits so that you can be prepared for possible conflicts such as this.

As such with any other claims denial, the first thing to do is to file an appeal. There are a number of good-cause exceptions that may be granted by the Social Security Administration, such as in cases where the violator is exonerated by the court in some form or fashion. Additionally, those who have an arrest warrant for a non-violent crime that is not related to drugs may be exempted from non-payment. Clearing your warrant is another effective means of resolving the matter, although there is a definite chance of incarceration when attempting to clear an existing warrant and this may bring about additional issues.

How to Resolve Denials in the Event of a Warrant

At Disability Action Advocates, we have been through this before. Our dedicated staff has been instrumental in the recovery of Social Security Disability benefits due to outstanding warrants for many of our clients throughout Reno. Denial rates are exceptionally high in these scenarios, but we can provide you with specific instruction on the best ways to request appeals and hearings that involve warrants. Our firm understands how critical these benefits are, even to those who have existing issues with warrants, and we will work hard to achieve the most favorable result possible in your case.