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Working While Disabled

Social Security Disability: Working While Disabled

How can working while disabled impact my social security disability benefits?

Social security disability benefits are generally meant to be paid out to individuals who can no longer work due to a long-term injury or condition. While the idea of working while disabled may be foreign to some, others have found a measure of success with certain types of employment that allow them to be productive without experiencing the impact of their disability.

There are legitimate means of working while disabled and receiving benefits, but the need for strict adherence to these requirements is essential. A committed lawyer with DAA can help to make sure that your desire to work can be realized without suffering negative consequences from the Social Security Administration.

One of the most beneficial methods of working while disabled is to do so through a trial work period that tests your ability to work on a long-term basis. A trial work period should consist of nine working months within a 60-month time frame where the individual makes or earns no more than $720.

For the self-employed, working 80 hours or more is a clear indicator that your disability is not holding you back, and this can result in a stoppage of benefits. At the trial work period's conclusion, recipients may continue to receive monthly payments for months where the appropriate base sum was not earned, and this amounts to approximately $1,000 per month.

Social Security Disability Support

There are a lot of rules and regulations concerning individuals who want to work and make a steady income while continuing to receive social security disability benefits. At Disability Action Advocates, our primary concern is to provide our clients with the best possible insight and information that can help you make the educated decisions you need regarding your present and future well-being as well as your work status.

We strongly support your right to be paid for disability in light of your work, and we can help you to conform to the correct guidelines for working while disabled. In the event that an overpayment has been imposed due to a failure to report a change in work status, our office can provide the protection needed to find success.