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SSD without Health Insurance: Know Your Options

The Social Security Administration requires Social Security Disability applicants to provide medical records proving that they have a qualifying disability—but how can you do that if you don't have health insurance? Without insurance, it is not very likely that you have been seeing a doctor or receiving medication for your disability, making it difficult to get your SSD application approved. What other options do you have?

Disability Action Advocates can help you get answers and pursue the best possible option for your unique situation. We have helped individuals in the Reno area for more than 17 years and can guide you step-by-step as you fight for your right to receive benefits for your disability. Read below for some helpful tips and be sure to consult a Reno Social Security Disability representative to help you. Call us today at (888) 401-3920 to get started!

Option 1: Visit Free Clinics

Many cities have clinics where you can receive medical care for free. If you do not have the resources to pay for your medications and medical care until you are approved for Social Security Disability, then it these clinics may able to "hold you over" until your benefits start coming in.

  • Keep in Mind: Free clinics do not offer the same quality or scope of medical care that doctors and hospitals do. It is recommended that you only visit these clinics until you start receiving benefits and can start visiting a doctor's office again.

Option 2: Visit the Emergency Room

This option should only be considered a "last resort." If you absolutely need emergency care, but do not have insurance, you could visit the ER. Emergency rooms can provide blood work services, X-rays, CT scans and other such services if they are absolutely necessary.

  • Keep in Mind: You will still have to pay for your ER visit, which can be extremely expensive depending on the services and medical care that you receive. This is why it is a last resort only.

Option 3: Apply for Medicaid

Individuals who do not qualify for disability benefits may still be eligible for Medicaid. This program provides affordable medical insurance for low-income individuals who are blind or disabled, and who may also be receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

  • Keep in Mind: Just like SSD application process, the Medicaid process can take quite a long time. Make sure that you have the resources or means to receive medical care and medication until your application is approved and you start receiving Medicare benefits.

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