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How Does Grid Eligibility Work for SSDI Claims?

Individuals who are 50 years old or older generally have an easier time getting approved for Social Security Disability benefits than those who are younger. This is because the Social Security Administration (SSA) believes it is more challenging for an older person to learn new job skills or transition into different roles in the workplace, known as vocational adjustments.

To accommodate for these difficulties, the SSA evaluates disability claims for adults over age 50 based on an applicant’s age, educational background, work history, and functional capacity to work, in addition to medical guidelines. Known as “grid rules” due to their presentation in a column format, these rules can provide a second chance for older individuals who have based their careers on physical labor to qualify for disability benefits. Generally speaking, grid rules or “grid eligibility” is only used to decide disability claims after the SSA has decided that an applicant can no longer perform the work they have done in the past.

How Do I Know If I Am Grid Eligible?

To find out if you are grid eligible, you must line up your age, educational background, work history, and functional capacity to work in the form of a grid to determine if your meet one of the rules established by the SSA. If you meet the established terms, you are automatically grid eligible. It is important to remember, however, that grid eligibility is only offered to individuals age 50 or older with some form of physical disability. Grid rules do not apply for applicants with mental disabilities.

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