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Wait Time for Social Security Disability

How Long Before You Receive Your Benefits?

One of the most pressing questions for Social Security Disability insurance applicants is "How long will I have to wait to get benefits?" The Social Security Administration has instituted an automatic five-month initial waiting period to ensure only those with long-term disabilities receive benefits. After that period, it comes down to the efficiency of the local SSA office, as well as the amount of applications they receive. In the majority of SSDI cases, the applicant must appear before an administrative law judge before being awarded disability. In Nevada, the average wait time for a disability hearing is 443 days.

The SSA claims that an application should take 90 to 120 days from the date of submission to the date that the applicant is approved or denied, but in practice, the claim waiting times can often be much longer. Unless you have a condition that qualifies for expedited service under the Compassionate Allowance Program, you may have to wait months before you learn whether you will receive the Social Security Disability benefits you need. There are ways to check the status of your claim in the meantime to obtain an expected waiting time frame.

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Securing Benefits as Soon Possible

While your claim will always be at the mercy of the SSA's administrative and review processes, there are a variety of things you can do to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. First, filing a claim at the earliest opportunity can jumpstart the process while saving valuable time down the road. It is important to have all documentation accessible and to return any supporting paperwork completed and on time. Months may pass before your claims' status is updated, and this time can be best utilized by preparing financial records or bolstering your medical records with regular visits. Some applicants in severe financial distress may be able to expedite the process if they are in dire need of a decision, and a Reno social security disability advocate can provide more insight on this process.

In the end, there may be little that you alone can do to affect the expediency of your claim. At Disability Action Advocates, we can provide invaluable assistance throughout the life of your claim, from start to finish. We carry a deep understanding of the social security disability program and are well-versed in the best practices for making your claim as smooth and timely as possible. We cannot guarantee that your case will be decided in a timely manner, but we can help to optimize your approach and make it as easy as possible to move through the system, giving your claim a better chance at faster resolution.

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