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What You Should Know Before Applying for SSD Benefits

If you were to take the time to look around your workplace for potential hazards, you would probably find a handful of dangers, some of them unnoticed or unaddressed. This is not an uncommon situation, but frequency of occurrence is not an excuse for letting it happen. People seriously injured at work need to be able to find some support to keep them financially stable as they recover.

For most people in Reno, Nevada, this means applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI or SSD) benefits. When done correctly, a successful SSDI benefits application can set you and your family up for monies that provide for medical bills and day-to-day needs. When done incorrectly, a SSDI benefits application can just be another source of frustration.

Before you file for SSDI benefits, keep these three helpful bits of information in mind:

  1. Duration requirements: In order for your injury to be considered debilitating enough to be recognized by Social Security Disability Insurance, it needs to be severe enough to keep you from performing your regular job duties for at least a year. It is important to realize, however, that you do not need to wait a full year before you apply for SSD benefits.
  2. Medical evaluations: As with any injury, if you think you need medical attention, you should not hesitate to get it, even if your employer discourages you. For accidents on the job, it is often a good idea to see a doctor, regardless if you feel any pain or not. This will create a medical record of what happened, which is incredibly important when you decide you need to apply for SSDI benefits.
  3. Appeals: One of the biggest concerns that people feel when applying for SSDI benefits is what they will do if they are denied. The common misconception is that a denial is the end of the line. In actuality, you can file for an appeal on your denial and argue for your case a second time. A surprising number of applications are accepted during appeals, perhaps because it shows that you truly believe you need the benefits to continue living comfortably.

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