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Can I Continue to Work While Receiving Disability Benefits?

If you are like most other Americans, you actually like going to work, putting in time at your place of occupation, and leaving at the end of the day feeling like you accomplished something. When an injury or illness is so severe that it takes you off your feet – sometimes literally – and requires you to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits just to get by, it can be a huge disappointment in knowing that you can no longer go to work or do what you love. But do you have to stay still and stay put when you’re getting SSD benefits? Or can you actually keep working?

Staying Active, To An Extent

Not only can you actually find employment while you are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits but it is also encouraged in many senses of the word, as it lets interested parties know if you are on the path to recovery or not. You cannot just go out and try to get any job, however. You must adhere to certain employment law guidelines. If you do not, your SSD benefits could be stripped away, even if you are still very much struggling with your injury or illness.

You can go back to work for up to 9 months within a 5-year time frame – assuming that your SSD benefits were to be indefinite – and earn no more than $720 each of those months. If you are considered self-employed, if you commit to 80+ hours of work each week, the government is not likely to recognize the severity of your disability anymore. In addition to these time restrictions, you should not do any work that directly conflicts with the nature of your disability.

For example: You should not be working as a construction crew member if you reported a back injury that prevented you from lifting anything over 10 pounds.

Everything boils down to the details of your case, though. Depending on your unique situation, there could be more or less restrictions on how you can work when receiving SSD benefits. Before you get too far ahead and risk jeopardizing your needed benefits, you should check with the Reno Social Security Disability representatives from Disability Action Advocates. We have more than 20 years of experience working with SSD law and claims, and we can put all of our knowledge to good use for you. Call us toll-free at (888) 401-3920 today to request a free consultation.